Please understand that all times listed below are approximate.  The times may change due to weather, traffic, and /or sleigh malfunctions.



Santa will pay an early visit to Glen Burnie neighborhoods on Saturday, December 24th at approximately 5:00 p.m.  Children are invited to wait for Santa at intersections along the way.  A community tradition

Since 1937, the Christmas Eve trip through Glen Burnie is sponsored by the Glen Burnie Improvement Association.  Santa will be assisted on his travels by the Glen Burnie Volunteer Fire Department.  Santa’s faithful crew of workers includes Pat Kelly, Brian  Nevin Sr., Tom Nevin Jr., Mark Nevin, Matthew Nevin,

Rachel Nevin, Brian Nevin Jr, Bill Nevin,Tom Nevin III, and Drew Kirby.  It is a Christmas Eve tradition for the Nevin family to chauffer Santa  through the streets of Glen Burnie.  The current generation’s father

 and grandfathers chauffeured Santa when the tradition began in 1937.  JBA Chevrolet donates the use

 of a truck to the association each year for the annual community tour.  Santa’s volunteer helpers will

 hand out treats to children waiting along the route.


Santa’s route on Saturday night begins approximately at 5:00 p.m. in the community of Glen Gardens,

off Ritchie Highway. Santa will turn right at Tate Dodge onto Delaware Avenue, where he will stop at its intersections with Harford Road, Kent Road, Kuethe Road, Garrett Road and Dorchester Road. He will

then turn left onto Carroll Road and make stops at the intersections with Biddle Road, Washington

 Avenue and Glen Road. He will then turn left onto New Jersey Avenue and turn right onto Kent Road.

Santa will then turn left onto Georgia Avenue with a stop at Rogers Avenue.


At approximately 5:45 p.m., Santa’s journey will continue at the intersection of Georgia Avenue and

Maple Lane. He will travel along Maple Lane and turn right onto Virginia Avenue, turn right onto Crain Highway and then turn right onto New Jersey Avenue. Santa will then travel along New Jersey Avenue

 to Linden Lane, where he will turn left. He will cross over Baltimore Annapolis Boulevard and turn left

 onto Greenway, making a stop at Maple Lane and Oak Lane.


At approximately 6:15 p.m. Santa will stop at Central Avenue and D Street, circling around

Brownshade Drive. He will drive down Central Avenue to B Street and then he will make his way to

St. Alban’s Episcopal Church at the intersection of A Street and First Avenue. He will then proceed

down First Avenue to the 500 block of First Avenue where he will turn around in the cul-de-sac. Santa

will then turn right onto D Street and right at Second Avenue, which will turn into Glenview Avenue. He

will turn left onto Third Avenue, drive for two blocks and then turn left onto Oak Lane. He will turn right

 onto Second Avenue and stop at the intersections of Second Avenue with C Street, B Street and A Street. Santa will then turn right onto A Street and right on Third Avenue with stops at B Street, C Street and D Street. He will turn left onto D Street and then will follow Fourth Avenue, stopping at its intersections with

B Street and A Street. Santa will then turn right onto A Street and right onto Fifth Avenue at the Glen

Burnie Health Center. Santa will drive along Fifth Avenue to Stewart Avenue where he will bear left.

He will make a right turn onto Baltimore Avenue, left onto Newfield Road, left onto Magnolia Avenue and

 a left on Stewart Avenue. He will then drive down Stewart and make a right onto Elizabeth Lane, a left

turn onto Wilson Boulevard with stops at Theresa Avenue, Bertha Avenue and Crain Highway.


At approximately 8:00 p.m., Santa will be traveling down Crain Highway towards southeast Glen

 Burnie. He will stop at the intersection of Third Avenue, S.E. and N Street. Santa will drive along

N Street and will turn left onto Second Avenue, with stops at M Street and Padfield Boulevard. He will

 turn left onto Padfield Boulevard to get to Third Avenue. Along Third Avenue, Santa will stop at Padfield Boulevard, M Street, N Street and Griffith Lane. Santa will then turn right onto Fourth Avenue, with a stop

 at Delmar Avenue. He will then turn left onto Padfield Boulevard. Santa will then turn left onto Fifth

 Avenue and travel for one block where he will make a left turn onto Delmar Avenue. He will then turn

right onto Fourth Avenue and right onto N Street.


At approximately 8:45 p.m. Santa’s sleigh will be in the Munroe Gardens neighborhood. Santa will stop

at the intersections of Delmar and Seventh Avenue; Delmar at Ninth Avenue; Griffith Road at Ninth

 Avenue, Seventh Avenue and Fifth Avenue, Wimmer Road at Seventh Avenue and Eighth Avenue;

Hamlen Road at Eighth Avenue and Hamlen Road at Seventh Avenue. Santa will then drive down

 Munroe Circle, a long dead-end street. He will drive down the street quickly, turn around and then drive back towards Fifth Avenue slowly. Santa will then turn right onto Fifth Avenue, turn right onto Oakwood Road, left onto Blossom Lane and right onto Pine Terrace. He will then make a left turn back onto

 Oakwood Road, and turn left again on Range Road to the Sunset Restaurant.


At approximately 9:15 p.m., Santa will continue on to the community of Acreslee, traveling north on

Ritchie Highway and turning right onto Furnace Branch Road. He will stop at the intersection of Furnace Branch Road and Stewart Lane. He will then turn right onto Stewart Lane and take Stewart Lane to

Andrews Road. He will turn left onto Marie Avenue, left onto Langley Road, right onto Rose Anne Road

with a stop at the intersection of Marie Avenue and Rose Anne Road.


He then will make a quick trip back to the North Pole so the elves can load the sleigh up with toys for

all of the good girls and boys.   For additional information, call the GBIA at 410-766-6760.


On behalf of Santa and his dedicated group of elves, we wish you a very Merry Christmas!